Google Sheets App Reviews

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Freezes and crashes

It freezes and crashes when opening lots of documents. Also locks up a lot when trying to scroll around an already open document.

Works beautifully

So handy to have spreadsheets available on all devices. Have a folder of most commonly used business spreadsheets on browser bar - convenient. Never a glitch.

Learn to use this app and it will work for you

Once I learned the ins and outs, this app works flawlessly on my iPad, iPhone, MBP and iMac. Plus I can share easily with my non-Mac work team which is why I have Google drive and their apps.

Its decent

Its OK for a free mobile app, but the font needs to be bigger and the app should be more user-friendly. It should be able to do everything the computer version can do


I use it to keep all my 50+ passwords and such. You can access from anywhere and never forget any password again.

Rockin the timesheets

Timesheets, invoices and budgets; fantastic

I run my business with this

This app is great

Excellent cloud based documentation!!

Excellent cloud based documentation.... one can access these documents from any device.

This is a Great Product

I use to work with Excel daily at work. I have been retired for a few years and started using Google sheets. This program helps me keep track of all the things I did before but is a lot easier to use. It works with all my devices. I use it seamlessly between an iPad, a MacBook Air, Asus Chromebook and a Pc. I can use any device to edited my spreadsheets and this is very convenient. I feel this program is indispensable for my workflow and would be lost without it.

Unusable on iPad

I don’t know what the hell Google did to this app, but basic functionality is COMPLETELY broken. I can’t seem to cut with Command + X or copy with Command + V. When I finally manually copy a group of cells using the touch interface, I go to paste it and it sticks all the values in one cell. This is embarrassingly bad for a company the size of Google.

It doesn’t even download


App barely works

The app itself does what its supposed to if you can get anything to work. When you click a link it wont open the app so youll never be able to edit any documents that are shared with you that way.

New version keeps crashing

I can’t duplicate a sheet without the app crashing. Please fix

It does its job

This app serves its function, but doesnt go above and beyond in any way. It is excellent at meeting its goals.

Lightweight and Stable

Google Sheets just works. My files are there when I need them, no surprises. Im eager to try out the new offline mode, but thats TBD for now.

Very functional

It does the job for me for a mobile phone app. If I needed all the bells & whistles Id be on the computer. (And, maybe, I don’t know the full power of it.) It works for me.

Convenient but not mobile friendly

It’s great having access to spreadsheets on my phone but I can’t understand why they haven’t figured out how to make a mobile version. Meaning, Sheets on your phone looks exactly like it does on your computer. Not great on a small screen.

Works well

Works well with all the functionalities web app has. Intuitive to use

Great app

Great app, I enjoy using it

Google Sheets Rocks!

My hard drive just crashed. Created a spreadsheet on my phone fully formatted and all. Was a breeze!!!

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