Google Sheets App Reviews

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Excellent app!!!! So useful

Dislike new update

There no insert for pictures etc that very poor menus and no freeze. I won’t update this sheet spread anymore.

It is ok

It works but not as good as it would work on a computer, it dose not have as much options, but on the go it is good.

Can’t open links sent to me

Why would I like if I can open the links?

Well at least it’s free

I’ve been using Google sheets for a while the company I work for uses it for collaboration spreadsheet crashes constantly it’s awful awful awful in my personal life I only use Microsoft XL it’s consistent and it works can’t say the same for Google sheets it’s very limited and the crashes are just so annoying


It freezes my pages up each time I open it.

Awesome apps

It is very useful apps out there thanks google

Very good except editing text cell

This is a very good app with lots of nice features. Only problem I have found is a bug in the editing of a cell formatted for wrapped text. If you are editing at the end of a text cells content, no problem. But if you edit in the middle of a cell there is a problem. If you use glide typing the caps comes on after every word. If you type individual letters the caps comes on after every letter. This is obviously a bus and I have reported as such in the past, but it has not been addressed yet. Dennis

The worst

Every time I try and open something with this it sends me to the App Store like I don’t have the app downloaded. To top it off the file never appears.

Nice spreadsheet app

Works well to replace excel.

My GOTO Mobile App

This is my go to Mobile app for everything I do from Excel to Project Management, Time management, Expense tracking...the list goes on. It satisfies my OCD in many useful ways ALL for free!!!! Thank you!


New update 3/17/18 has killed the app for my iPad Pro. Now closes immediately and is inaccessible.

Google is the best

Google is the best and sheets just works like it should. Great job Google yet again.

Google sheets

When I’m previewing docs in my google drive I say going through google sheets is the best!

Great app !!!

I use this app for a number of things but mainly for keeping up with my budget and it helps me keep a good handle on my finances. Great app !


Am truly enjoying these spreadsheets. Set up budget and so easy to see as bills come in and are paid for the month.

Business friendly

Very organized and synchronized

Great App

I use this to stay on top of my business income/ expenses, great tool! I love being able to pickup where I left off on all of my devices!

03/17/18 freezes often

Use mainly for spreadsheets, keeping track of certain things. This app freezes very often and even after resetting the app it will freeze again when I try to open my spreadsheet.

Accessible and shareable

Enjoy being able to access documents from all my devices and share them with anyone and controlling their ability to view, comment, or edit.

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