Google Sheets App Reviews

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Helpful and convenient,

It’s a great way to keep data up to date while I’m on the move. Easy to shift from one device to another.


This app is fantastic! I use it to keep track of my exercise, my calories and food throughout the day. I can see my progress on any of my devices from my phone, to my iPad, to my computer it is great. It is simple and easy to use and quick to pick up. I wish I could use my Apple Pencil to write quicker but it is still fantastic. I would also like to see it easier to switch from page to page on my Ipad. It is a phenomenal app for school, work projects and even person uses. I would highly recommend.


I just love this app.


I love the app. I keep a lot of important spreadsheets on it which I can refer to where I am and with what ever device I am using. Ps very disappointed that this ap is now not protected with a pass code to sign in

Simply works

This program works well to send and receive ideas from our team. It is simple in functionality, works offline, and has low overhead while being available to all our team members. Yes, I go back to my full “Office” version to make major changes, but this works for my day to day needs from my IPad with a quick lookup on my iPhone.

Beats Excel

I’ve had to support spreadsheets created from Microsoft’s Excel through One Drive as well as sheets and I can say that sheets feels more at home on the cloud. Excel does the cloud okay but Sheets is superior.

Great for business.

I use sheets for bookkeeping. Along with google forms I created a virtual time clock to track employees hours.

iOS version needs work

This app is great on my laptop, no complaints there. The mobile version for my iPhone is terrible. When scrolling through 30+ sheets in a spreadsheet and I click on another sheet, it says “loading” and takes a while and then the app crashes and closes. Also need to add a search capability through all sheets not just the sheet you are on like on the desktop version.

Phishing Message?

I recently began getting a pop up message on this app after I unlock it. It says iOS security replaces passcode lock. Then prompts me not to use a passcode with this app. Is this true? Or some sort of phishing attempt. Please look into this!!

Google Sheets

So far this app does everything I hoped for. Easy to update and keep my life on track.


Stable, functional, intuitive, online friendly. I love that I can use it on my phone or anywhere else concurrently. Big fan

Passcode Lock feature Removed

I no longer love this app cuz they remove the Passcode Lock and Touch ID. Now anyone that barrows your phone can get access to your Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Virtually unusable

I’d love to rate this five stars. I can’t because it’s near impossible to work in spreadsheets on account of two issues: the ‘hiccup’ that occurs when typing in a field, wiping out the first few characters I type, and the constant freezes that occur when I tab between fields, forcing me to swipe out the app from the app switcher screen. Fix these issues so I can actually work in the Google Sheets app and I’ll revise my review.

Is not good with iOS

I use google sheets on my desktop and I often need to search through multiple sheets at once. With the app you can only search one sheet at a time which is a problem.


It’s balls


Google has deleted passcode, Face ID and Touch ID making this app very unsecured. Same for Google Drive too! Thanks for the warning and no other options. I’m deleting and using MS products and Dropbox.


Easy to use!!!

Works great for mobile Google Docs

Love Google Docs, and the iOS app does a great job of giving mobile access to view and edit my spreadsheets.

Very user friendly

Love that it automatically saves as you work.

Always Crashes

The App never works properly for me. It always crashes 30seconds into opening or when trying to change pages.

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