Google Sheets App Reviews

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Easy to use

I love that it updates in real time across multiple users and I can access on my phone app and computer. Life changer!


Got tired of paying for Microsoft every year! Google drive and google docs is so much easier! I have used excel for years and actually like google sheets better from the first time I used it!

Its pretty great

Id give it a 5 but Ive had glitches on the app in the past

Awesome app!

Im a real estate agent and google sheets is used daily for my business! Highly recommended.


Sheets are great function and Im pleased with it. Only draw back is no page setting under File tab. Wrap text when cells are merged doesnt work. A few functions from MS Excell doesnt transfer. But overall I like it,


I love this app. I’ve been using it for years on Google Drive. Incredibly handy as I travel around the Southwestern States. I’m an experienced Excel user and find this app to be very comparable. Thanks Google!

Works extremely well. Amazing.

Really love Google Sheets. Great product.



This app has made lots of good improvements!

I didnt like using it a year ago, but it is far more user-friendly on a smartphone now.



Freaking love it

Amazing app

Google sheet.

I love it!

Great App

Great resource

Google Drive App Review

Love it, so convenient to use on my iPhone. Also links to my Google Drive on PC great!

Sheets is the sheet!

Couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s great on my iPad, and I am so thankful that it runs as smoothly as it does.

Love it

I love sheets! It is easy to use and very convenient.

Works well

The app is good and I have not had any real issues with it. Allows me to edit files on the go and share with others.

Very useful and intuitive

Really enjoy the app and all of its functions

Are use it all the time. use it for personal, work and any collaboration projects.

Very practical but got some bugs.

Love Google sheets.

Its pretty awesome! Works well with my business, personal, and work life.

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